A Message of Hope for New Police Recruits

Executive Director, Sue Rahr, addressed BLEA Class 801 on their graduation day. In light of ongoing events, recruits are given an inspiring message about their future, and the impact they will have in their new professions. 

"This is an exciting time. A scary time, but an exciting time. Please look at the opportunity you have to come into a profession that is on the brink of making a major course correction, and you're here. People are going to read about you 30-40 years from now and say you were there when history changed."

Media Inquiries

For any media inquiries, please send an email to Executive Assistant Marisa Peer at mpeer@cjtc.wa.gov or Communications Consultant, Alma Perez at aperez@cjtc.wa.gov.

We will review the request and follow up accordingly.