Integrated Arrest Tactics Lead Instructor

This course builds on the foundation of the IAT Instructor course.  Students will learn how to employ advanced concepts in motor learning to structure a practice session for optimal skill acquisition.  In this phase of the road to being a Master Instructor, the student primarily focuses on how to create proper skill sessions, closed skill testing parameters, open skill practices and testing and finally feedback structures to maximize learning.        

Chris Williams (Firearms Program Manager), Ciara Colon (Administrative Assistant)

(206) 786- 8951

Required Equipment

  • Duty Belt with all items (inert taser, inert oc, baton, etc.)
  • Training Taser
  • Appropriate gym attire or 511 wear is sufficient
  • Wrestling/mat shoes are required for this training
  • Boxing or MMA style gloves are recommended
  • Outer vest (if you have one)/ Under-clothed vests are ok
  • Inert OC
  • Inert duty/ SIRT Pistol
  • No Live Cartridges
  • No Live Firearms

Training sessions

Session Session Title Dates & Hours Location Status Cost
2271-1 IAT Lead Instructor 9/18/2023 - 10/6/2023
Class Hours:
0800 - 1700
19010 1st Avenue South
Burien, WA 98148
Open $1000