Control Defensive Tactics Instructor

The 80-hour instructor course is the first in a series of three courses that will guide the student to the master instructor level.

The course is designed to be the foundation.  Covering all the basics in motor learning, practice structure, class structure, skill instruction and lesson preparation.  This comprehensive and practical course will help each new instructor develop the skills and confidence to instruct in all the fundamental Control and Defensive Tactics classes taught at the Basic Law Enforcement Academy.

These classes include but are not limited to; control and controlled takedowns, striking with personal weapons, baton, taser, OC, ground survival tactics/survival, weapon and belt tool retention, multiple officer control tactics, handcuffing, frisk and search.

After completion of this course, the instructor will be certified to teach (under direct supervision and guidance of a Master Instructor) all aspects of the BLEA C/DT program.  The instructor is required to teach a minimum of 200 hours under a Master Instructor to be eligible for the Lead Instructor program.

Richard Lee (Control/ Defensive Tactics Instructor), Kena Champion (Administrative Assistant)

Training sessions

Session Session Title Dates & Hours Location Status Cost
2270-1 Control Defensive Tactics Instructor 9/13/2021 - 9/24/2021
Class Hours:
0800 - 1700
19010 1st Avenue South
Burien, WA 98148
Full $1000