Advanced Undercover Techniques

This course is hosted by Fairchild AFB.

This 5-day (36 hour) "Practical Scenario" training has been designed to complement and expand the one week (Classroom) Undercover Techniques and Survival course. Dave’s practical "pay it forward" type of training has come from 20 years of undercover instruction and 25 years of undercover experience. Having trained over 14,000 undercover personnel Internationally and Nationally, Instructor Dave Redemann learned early in his teaching career that even though he was blessed to have a wide array of undercover experience and knowledge, he couldn't obtain the knowledge of more than 12,000 undercover personnel on his own. Through the 20 years of undercover practical scenario training, Dave has realized that one of the most beneficial types of training is “realism” based training. Practical video training allows a student to learn in the most realistic environment without the deadly consequences of mistakes. The videotaping of scenarios allows the student to visually and audibly reviews their performance along side of an experienced undercover. The scenarios are designed to progress on a crawl, walk, run degree of difficulty. Dave’s goal is to provide training to officer in an effort to make sure every undercover officer gets home to their loved ones each and every night. His training is updated with the most current and relevant information each and every time it is instructed.

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