Aquatic, Abuse, Death and Homicide Investigations

This course is hosted by the King County Sheriff's Office.

What were you taught about Body-Found-In-Water Investigations?
  • Is it a body dump or a drowning? State-of-the-art diagnostics of drowning
  • What to photo and document on body & scene
  • Bathtub, bucket, toilet, pool, & open water incidents.
  • SIDS or Homicidal Drowning?
  • Preservation of possible water crime scene
  • What happens to submerged bodies and evidence?
  • Submerged evidence recovery / processing (DNA, weapons, fabrics, pollen etc).
  • Was it not there, or did the dive team miss it?- How to tell the difference
  • Indications of homicides by drowning.
  • Autoerotic aquatic asphyxia and Aquatic Sexual Sadism
  • Aquatic child abuse

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