Crimes Against Children: Investigative Interviewing Techniques

This course is hosted by the Richland Police Department. 

The 3-day Wicklander-Zulawski (WZ) Seminar on Crimes Against Children: Investigative Interviewing Techniques is designed to enhance the experience of law enforcement and child protection agency professionals by instructing them in effective methods of interviewing and interrogating child assault suspects.

Obtain training in the latest, most effective interview and interrogation techniques, including the WZ Non-Confrontational Method.  Learn to assess verbal and non-verbal behavior, become more effective on the focus of an investigation, and obtain reliable information. This training course offers a broad range of cutting-edge methods and proprietary tools to conduct more effective interviews and interrogations, resulting in identifying the truth more efficiently and with less resistance.

To register for this course, please follow the instructions on the class flyer linked below.

Early Price: $470

Regular Price: $495

Late Price: $515

(800) 222- 7789