Gracie Survival Tactics Level 1 Certification

This course is hosted by the Walla Walla Police Department. 

What sets GST apart from all other similar Instructor Certification Courses is the Gracie University Instructors’ exclusive teaching techniques. Drawing from over 85 years of experience, teaching thousands of military & law enforcement personnel & many thousands more students from all walks of life, the Gracies’ have developed a detailed, systematic approach in presenting their knowledge known today as the Gracie Teaching Methodologies. This will insure that course graduates can effectively impart their newfound knowledge & skills of GST to other members of their organization, using the best teaching skills ever developed in this field. In addition to the Hands-On course, graduates will receive the entire Level 1 video course online ( to use for future reference and refresher training. The online GST access will remain for the duration of the certification period.

Please refer to the flyer linked below for registration information.

(509) 527- 4434

Who can attend our classes?

Open only to active (reserve/guard okay) Military personnel, Law Enforcement personnel, and Firefighters/EMTs. Disclaimer: All non-US based LE and MIL personnel must be pre-approved before registering.