Police Professionals and PAL (P3) Program

This course is hosted by the Redmond Police Department. 

The USA Judo P3 Task Force consists of nine individuals with experience in local and federal law enforcement, military and special forces, combatives trainers with domestic and international experience, an Olympian and Olympic Team Coach and collegiate and international Judo Champions. In total the task force has experienced thousands of arrests over a combined 150+ years of law enforcement work and training, having relied on their judo techniques throughout.

Basic Judo techniques will be taught that are easy to learn and effective for street use; stressing LEO safety and implementing duty of care with suspects.  Topics will include stances, approaches, gripping, takedowns, pins and holds. Additionally, scenario-based drills and concepts will be taught with supplemental teaching materials and resources that can be brought back to home LEAs for implementation.  To receive certification, each course participant will need to convey full learning and application of the techniques and ability to teach them to others.

Please refer to the flyer linked below for registration information.

$600 (includes two-year USA Judo Membership) 

Dress Code

Comfortable athletic attire is required (sweats, gis, shorts, t-shirts) as this is an active training course that will include stand-up and ground training techniques throughout the week.