870 Remington Shotgun Armorer

This course is hosted by the Lewis County Sheriff's Office.

Students attending this class will receive in-depth and hands-on introduction to the 870. Instructional topics will include but not be limited to:

  • Basic operation and nomenclature Design and Function of the 870 shotgun
  • Common field strip leading to a detailed disassembly Cleaning and Maintenance Troubleshooting malfunctions / diagnostics
  • Advanced Repairs such as Ejector replacement and Hammer/Spring replacement Repair documentation for the dept. armorer
  • Each student is required to bring only an 870 shotgun to class and any tools they wish to use or bring. If you are unable to bring a 870 shotgun, please contact us prior to class.

Basic armorer’s tool kits will be supplied, along with training and support materials.

To register for this course, please follow the instructions on the class flyer linked below.



(360) 740-2777