Motorcycle Operation Basic Operator and Instructor Courses

This course is hosted by the Seattle Police Department Motorcycle Traffic Unit.

COURSE INFORMATION: (BASIC OPERATOR) This 80-hour course will introduce the participant to the police motorcycle through a low-threat but highly challenging training environment. Participants will be given multiple opportunities to develop and practice the skills necessary to operate within a general police patrol environment, often with limited space to maneuver. As the participant develops and practices the required skills, the participant will apply those techniques to patrol tactics through reality-based training scenarios. (INSTRUCTOR) This 120-hour course equips the instructor candidate with the knowledge and skills to successfully instruct the Basic Police Operators course. Instructor candidates work through topics such as range location selection, layout, and cone placement for each activity, coaching and evaluating motorcycle operator performance, and how to properly demonstrate riding skills. The instructor candidate will gain practical field exercise experience through the facilitation of a Basic Police Motorcycle Operator course and receive daily performance feedback based on their teaching and coaching performance. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be certified to customize their own agency training program to continue training internally.

To register for this course, please follow the instructions on the class flyer linked below.

Basic Operator $1995.00

Instructor $3195.00