Public Records Act 

The Public Records Act explains that all records maintained by the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission (WSCJTC) are available for public inspection unless law specifically exempts them.

The WSCJTC is committed to transparency to ensure citizens have access to the agency's public records.  All public records requests must be valid, and request a specific and identifiable public document.

Submitting a Public Records Request

The WSCJTC utilizes a webform to accept all public record requests. Please use the Public Records Center to submit your request and access your provided records.

We will acknowledge requests within 5 (five) days of receipt and provide an estimated date for records to be produced.

Should you have any further questions, please reach out to Public Records Officer, Derek Zable, at


Requests for Transcripts or Copies of Certification

We do not provide copies of certification. We only provide transcripts as proof of passage. If requesting your own transcripts, or if a law enforcement agency is requesting transcripts for a background, please email All other requests should be made through the Public Records Center.


Question Answer

Can I request to receive a record via email?

The WSCJTC utilizes the Public Records Center to receive and provide all public records, unless sent by letter. Should you be experiencing any difficulties with accessing the website or downloading a record, please first  update your internet browser or contact

What is your document retention?

All course results are visible on a student’s transcript; please click here for the retention schedule for all other CJTC related documents. For general state records retention, please click here

How do I get a copy of other records or curricular materials?

For “other” records requests, please include:

  • A description of your request.
  • Dates and Names – if applicable

For curriculum, please note:

Document retention for curriculum is for three years.  After three years, materials are no longer available.   We do post past BLEA and COA Syllabus on our Curriculum Page.  For a current copy of any course, please send your request with the course name to the contact above.

For other courses:

SFST - Standardized Field Sobriety Testing – contact National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


Are Social Security Numbers on training records?


What do the records cost?

Generally records are produced free of charge.  If a cost will be incurred, we will provide you with an estimate prior to producing the records. However, the WSCJTC will be adopting new WAC rules this Spring and will be implementing the fees provided in RCW 42.56.120.

Can I get a copy of a certificate?

No.  We do not provide replacement certificates.  A transcript will confirm a completed course, including BLEA and COA. Please contact to request a copy of an officer’s transcript.  If you are a member of law enforcement requesting your or a background’s transcript, please contact

How long does it take to obtain training records?

The Public Records Officer has five business days to respond.  In that response, there will be a date that you can expect records to be produced.  Time to produce records will vary by complexity of request.

What is on a transcript?

A WSCJTC transcript lists all WSCJTC sponsored courses completed and the number of hours per course.  It includes courses failed and otherwise not completed.