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Contacting the WSCJTC Help Desk

The WSCJTC Help Desk can help you with questions regarding both online platforms.  We are available Monday – Friday, 0800-1500 by phone at (206) 835-7354 or by email at

  • Access to both systems
  • Technical questions regarding online courses
  • Adding/Removing non-certified personnel
  • Adding/Removing non-public safety agencies
  • Other related customer service issues

For public records requests, please email

For certification requests, please email


Question Answer

My certified peace officer is not showing under my agency.

Law enforcement agencies in Washington State are required by RCW 43.101.135 to notify the WSCJTC of all certified peace officers hired and separated from their agency.  If the required form has not been received by both the separating and hiring agency, the WSCJTC will not move them between agencies.

  • New lateral Officer to your agency; submit the Notice of Officer Hire.  We will contact their separating agency for the separation paperwork.  When both have been received, the move will be made.  We will inform you when it is complete.
  • Missing from your agency list; never moved.  Please submit the officer’s name, last 4 SSN (never submit full SSN via email) to LMS and we will research. 

How do I get my official transcript?

Email All public requests are governed by WAC 139.02.040 and must be in writing.  Please include:

  • Full first and last name (maiden and married, if they changed)
  • Last 4 SSN (never submit full SSN via email)
  • Type of Request (Transcript)
  • Your contact information

How does my agency’s Training Officer get trained to use the WSCJTC LMS?

We offer live training with a real person! Please email us at and request a training session over the phone.  Training is available during regular business hours.

I need to update my transcript, name, email or other information.

Please email us directly with any changes to your records.  Transcripts are only updated with WSCJTC courses and will require proof and program manager approval.  When contacting WSCJTC Help Desk please include:

  • Your full name
  • Agency Name
  • Student ID (If know or last 4 SSN)
  • Do NOT submit full SSN via email
  • Phone or Alternative Email address if needed
  • Question details, including course numbers, dates if needed

My non-sworn employee is not showing under my agency.

Law enforcement agencies in Washington State are not required to notify the WSCJTC of all hires and separations of non-certified peace officers or other employees.

If a non-sworn employee has:

  • Never taken a class at the CJTC, you will need to submit an application via email or fax.
  • Has taken a class, but was at another agency.

Submit the name, last 4 SSN (never submit full SSN via email), and last known agency and we will research, and then add them to your agency.

When will I hear if I’m accepted into a class?

The WSCJTC will notify you of your attendance status 4-6 weeks before the start of class.  Notifications will be sent by email.

What if my non-sworn employee leaves the agency and needs to be removed?

We appreciate you helping us keep our records up to date. Please email your employee’s separation date and we will remove them from your agency. No paperwork is required for uncertified peace officers or non-officer employees.   Changes may take up to 5 business days to complete.  You will be notified of the change.

What if my certified peace officer leaves and needs to be removed from my agency?

As stated above, in order for the WSCJTC to remove a certified peace officer from your agency you must submit a Notice of Officer Separation.  Once that is received by the WSCJTC, they will be removed from your agency in LMS.