Animal Control Officer Academy


The Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission (WSCJTC) and Washington Animal Control Association (WACA) have partnered together to offer the Animal Control Officer Academy. This 80-hour intensive course is held at the WSCJTC center in Burien, Washington and is specifically designed for Animal Control Officers. Instructors consist of WACA  personnel who will cover a variety of topics to satisfy Washington state’s Animal Control Officer requirements.

  • Upcoming classes are listed below in Training Sessions. 
  • To register for the course, contact your Training Manager to assign the training to you via Acadis


Topics Covered in 80-Hour Course:

Animal Control and Care:                              

  • Capture & Restraint
  • Wildlife Identification & Handling                                                                
  • State & Local Animal Laws
  • Animal Diseases and First Aid
  • Blood Sports

Traditional Law Enforcement:   

  • Court Room Procedures                                                  
  • Ethics
  • Crisis Intervention                                                        
  • Criminal Law
  • Search & Seizure                                                         


Relevant Animal Control Codes in Washington State

RCW Chapter 16.52 – Prevention of Cruelty to Animals


RCW 16.52.011 – Definitions and Principles of Liability

RCW 16.52.015 – Enforcement—Law enforcement agencies and animal care and control agencies.

RCW 16.52.025 – Humane societies—Animal control officers.

RCW 16.52.80 – Transporting or confining in unsafe manner—Penalty.

RCW 16.52.85 – Removal of animals for feeding and care—Examination—Notice—Euthanasia.

RCW 16.52.100 – Confinement without food or water-–Intervention by others.

RCW 16.52.200 –Sentences—Forfeiture of animals—Liability for costs—Penalty—Education, Counseling.

RCW 16.52.300 – Dogs or cats used as bait—Seizure—Limitation.

RCW 16.52.340 – Leave or confine any animal in unattended motor vehicle or enclosed space—Class 2 civil infraction—Officers' authority to reasonably remove animal.


Relevant Resources

Link to WACA’s Page

Seattle Animal Control Codes

About Animal Control Officers

Animal Control and Cruelty Resources


News Links                               

Signs of Animal Cruelty

Animal Legal & Historical – WA State Cases


If classes are full, or not available, please complete the Course Interest Survey.  This is not a waiting list, but instead helps us see if there is enough interest to create another class.  If we schedule a session, we will contact everyone who has completed the survey and request that registration be completed.



  • Must be active & employed animal control officer.
  • A Criminal Records Check Form is required prior to class, completed, and signed by an appointing authority of the applying agency. 
Bob Graham (CIT Statewide & Support Services Program Manager)

(206) 786- 4401

Who can attend our classes?

Class is only open to active animal control officers who meet the prerequisites.

Required Equipment

  • Gym clothes for physical activity days
  • Black pants
  • Black duty boots or shoes
  • NEW – you MUST bring a laptop for daily class room use. A thumb drive with materials will be supplied. 

Dress Code

Visitors attending training at the WSCJTC are encouraged to wear their agency logo shirt/uniform or agency ID badge while on campus. Polo shirts will be provided. 


Classes will be held 0800 – 1700 Monday through Friday.

Dates and locations will vary by session.



Deadline to cancel is 7 days prior to class.  Please send an email to to cancel your registration.

There is a $100 no show or late cancellation fee.