Handgun Red Dot Sight Instructor

The CJTC Handgun Red Dot Sight Instructor is a 24 hour course. The course is designed to bring current firearms instructors up to date on the fundamentals of teaching and integrating handgun Red Dot Sights (RDS) into their training curriculum or agency program.  We strongly recommend this course if you or your agency is in the process of approving the use of, or converting as an agency to handgun RDS.

Due to the advancing technology of the RDS the trend for duty use is increasing at a rapid pace.  To meet this challenge and stay relevant with emerging tools and tactics we will cover the technology, concepts, principles and training methodologies to prepare instructors to teach the RDS platform to experienced or novice shooters.

To register for the course, contact your Training Manager to assign the training to you via Acadis

Upcoming classes are listed below.  Registration does not guarantee acceptance into the class.  Participants will be notified two weeks prior to the course of their registration acceptance OR any course cancellation.

If classes are full, or not available, please complete the Course Interest Survey.  This is not a waiting list, but instead helps us see if there is enough interest to create another class.  If we schedule a session, we will contact everyone who has completed the survey and request that registration be completed.  

Current CJTC Handgun Instructor Level 1 certification
Chris Williams (Firearms Program Manager), Mariah Collier (Administrative Assistant)

(206) 786-8959

Who can attend our classes?

This class is open to active law enforcement officers who meet the prerequisites. 

Required Equipment

  • Duty handgun equipped with RDS AND iron sights. RDS capable holster on patrol duty belt with a minimum of 3 magazines.
  • Inert training pistol to fit your duty holster (red or blue gun)
  • Flashlight
  • Eye protection (including clear glasses for night firing)
  • Hearing protection – electronic headphones and earplugs
  • Review and be ready to discuss your agency’s RDS related policy if one exists
  • Weapon cleaning equipment
  • Body armor
  • Baseball hat
  • Laptop
  • USB flash drive

Required Ammunition (agency responsibility) 

  • 1000 rounds primary handgun (clean fire required in Burien - Total Metal Jacket)

Dress Code

Students attending should wear range appropriate clothing.  Come prepared for all weather conditions.  They should possess agency identification.


 Optics review/update will be merged into Handgun Instructor Recertification, Course #2015.


Class hours are 0800-1700, Monday – Friday, with the exception of State and Federal Holidays. 


To cancel registration, send email to appliedskills@cjtc.wa.gov . Cancellations must be received at least 14 days prior to class. 

Training sessions

Session Session Title Dates & Hours Location Status Cost
2031-3 Red Dot Sight Instructor 2/24/2023 - 2/26/2023 WSCJTC
19010 1st Avenue South
Burien, WA 98148
Open $400
2031-4 Red Dot Sight Instructor 3/28/2023 - 3/30/2023 Wenatchee Range
5233 Malaga Alcoa Highway
Malaga, WA 98828
Open $400
2031-5 Red Dot Sight Instructor 4/17/2023 - 4/19/2023 Lakewood Police Department
9401 Lakewood Drive Southwest
Lakewood, WA 98499
Open $400
2031-9 Red Dot Sight Instructor 5/8/2023 - 5/10/2023 Spokane Police Regional Training Center
2302 North Waterworks Street
Spokane, WA 98823
Open $400
2031-7 Red Dot Sight Instructor 6/9/2023 - 6/11/2023 WSCJTC
19010 1st Avenue South
Burien, WA 98148
Open $400