LEOSA Concealed Carry Qualification

The Federal Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act (LEOSA - 18USC926C) authorizes retired and separated law enforcement officers nationwide to carry concealed weapons throughout the country.

Please visit our LEOSA certification page to learn more.   Applicants must meet the standards established by the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission’s Basic Law Enforcement Academy for Covert Carry/Off Duty Proficiency.

  1. For a new applicant completing their qualification at the WSCJTC Range, the fee is $100.
  2. For a renewal applicant completing their qualification at the WSCJTC Range, the fee is $50.
  3. For new applicant completing their qualification not at the WSCJTC Range, the fee is $50.
  4. For a renewal applicant completing their qualification not at the WSCJTC Range, the fee is $25.

Tisha Tyler (Private Security & Firearms LEOSA Program Manager)

Who can attend our classes?

Current Washington State residents who meet the requirements of eligibility of LEOSA. 

Follow this link to view scheduled LEOSA qualifications held at WSCJTC.

  • Click on “Filters” type “LEOSA” in the Keyword and then Apply.

Required Equipment

  • Handgun(s) with authorized holster:
    • Authorized holsters must:
      • be designed to be carried concealed, outside or inside the waistband is authorized.
      • be able to securely hold the handgun being used. All retention devices be fastened when the firearm is in the holster. They must be defeated/ deactivated as part of the draw stroke and re-engaged as the firearm is re-holstered. 
  • Ammunition specific to handgun:
  • Eye and hearing protection
  • An outer garment that conceals your handgun.
  • Protective bullet-proof vest:
    • Per WSCJTC policy you must wear a protective vest while on the range.  We no longer have loaner vests for you to use. Used vests can be purchased at uniform stores like LEED's, Blumenthal's, Bud's Police Supply, San Diego Police Supply, etc. The WSCJTC does not endorse one specific supplier.
      • If you are unable to bring a vest, you may contact a PS Certified Firearms Instructor and set up a LEOSA qualification outside of the WSCJTC campus at a public range.  Please note that many public ranges are starting to require ballistic vests, so verify with the instructor if a vest is required.


Dress Code

  • Protective bullet-proof vest, outer garment that provides concealment for handgun, and closed toe shoes. 


Course/Range Expectations

  • All handguns must be cleared using a CJTC clearing barrel UPON entering the classroom.
  • Once on the range and prior to loading your handgun you will be required to demonstrate a safe draw, presentation, and holster of each handgun you are qualifying with.
  • An outer garment will be worn (open or closed) to keep the handgun concealed.
  • Applicants are given two attempts to achieve a passing score. Those failing to qualify may, after paying the fee again, try again at a future LEOSA Firearms Certification Qualification.


Deadline to cancel is 7 days prior to class.  Send an email to  pspi@cjtc.wa.gov to cancel your registration. 

You have the option of cancelling your application or moving it to another range date.