Introduction to the Historical Intersection of Race and Policing

In order to facilitate successful interactions with Black Americans in their community, students will learn about the generational trauma that impacts the experience of Black Americans in U.S. society. Fundamental concepts and principles of race and policing are taught to better understand perceptions, challenges, and relationships between law enforcement and Black Americans through lecture, self-reflection, and videos.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • demonstrate their understanding of how policing and race intersect within the criminal justice system;
  • summarize and understand the historical and significant events that have impacted the ways in which law enforcement agencies have interacted with people of varying race; and
  • describe the ways in which the criminal justice system disproportionately impacts Black Americans and contributes to generational trauma.

To register for the course, contact your Training Manager to assign the training to you via Acadis.


Who can attend our classes?

Anyone with an Acadis or FirstForward login.

Per WAC 139-11-020, this course is required for all peace officers that were certified before December 7, 2019, and lateral peace officers certified in Washington after December 7, 2019. Starting May 2020, once a BLEA recruit graduates they will have three years to complete this course.

Required Equipment

To attend this course, students must have a computer with audio and video capabilities, and an internet connection. Content, websites, videos, and other course materials are embedded into the course.


WAC 139-11-020 (2)(l).