Reserve Law Enforcement Academy

The process for Applying for Recognition of a Basic Reserve Academy and the individual applications for reserve officers is changing.      

The Applications for Recognition of your Basic Law Enforcement Reserve Academy are due 90 days prior to the predicted start date of your reserve academies.

  • Change in the individual Reserve Application Process as a result of recent legislative changes – RCW 43.101.095(2).  The WACs (139-05-810, 139-05-825) have not been updated as of yet to reflect these changes.  As a Result, the application process will now be identical to the process used when hiring Full-Time Peace Officers.

Some of the changes:

    • Notice of Hire Forms must be completed prior to the beginning of the Reserve Academy. This now requires:
      • Complete background investigation as explained in RCW 43.101.095(2)(a through d) and includes
        • COMPLETED Polygraph and Psychological examinations
        • COMPLETED Criminal History and Fingerprint check
      • OTHER background check components ARE REQUIRED to be completed prior to the beginning of the academy – Please Review RCW 43.101.095 for details.
      • Pre-Registration will be completed through ACADIS, followed up by the Completed Notice of Hire Form.  Prospective students will not be enrolled in the Reserve Academy roster until all forms are received.  

The WSCJTC does not schedule Reserve Officer Academies.  Host agencies must apply to hold a reserve academy.  Upon approval, the academy will be posted to this page.

Available courses can be found in the list of Available Training in Acadis.

This class is a minimum of 356 hours in length.  The Reserve Academy curriculum adopted by the Commission is designed similar to that of the Basic Academy, including student performance objectives for each instructional block.  It is designed to provide reserves with the basic knowledge and skills required for safe, proper and effective law enforcement service. 

Instructional blocks include: 

  • Criminal law and procedure
  • Communications skills
  • Crisis intervention
  • Defensive tactics
  • Patrol procedures
  • Criminal investigations
  • Evidence law
  • Firearms (including range qualifications)
  • EVOC
  • Use of force
  • Ethics
  • Civil liability
  • First aid

Graduates of a Commission approved Reserve Academy, who upon academy completion, have passed a comprehensive written exam developed and administered by the Commission, will receive the state’s basic Reserve Peace Officer Certificate.  Such certificate satisfies the basic training requirements for Specially Commissioned Reserve Peace Officers under the Washington Mutual Aid Peace Officer Powers Act, RCW 10.93, chapter RCW 10.93.090.

Academy Coordinators:

Deciding to hold a Basic Law Enforcement Reserve Academy should not be taken lightly.  The agency's job of teaching and shaping everyday citizens into a voluntary Law Enforcement professionals is a serious endeavor.  Agencies must be sure to give themselves ample preparation time before and after submitting the required documentation.  We recommend taking the time to put together a teaching team and maintaining organization to ensure a successful academy.  Review the forms below for guidance on starting an academy.

A reserve certificate cannot be used in place of Peace Officer Certification.

Costs will vary by session.  See options below.
Tom Hill (FTO, PTO, Reserve Academies Program Manager), Ciara Colon (Administrative Assistant)

(206) 786-8957

Who can attend our classes?

These training sessions are available to those that have been recently appointed by a law enforcement agency as a Reserve Officer.

Are you interested in becoming a Reserve Officer?

Contact your local Sheriff's Office or Police Department and ask for their Reserve Coordinator. All recruits must be associated with a sponsoring agency.  WSCJTC does not schedule Reserve Officer Academies. 


"Reserve Officers" are included under the definition "specially commissioned Washington peace officer" under RCW 10.93.020(5). This includes any law enforcement officer who does not serve as a law enforcement officer of this state on a full-time basis, but who when called into active service, is fully commissioned on the same basis as full-time officers to enforce the criminal laws of this state. 

RCW 10.93.090 explains: A specially commissioned Washington peace officer who has successfully completed a course of basic training prescribed or approved for such officers by the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission may exercise any authority which the special commission vests in the officer, throughout the territorial bounds of the state, outside of the officer's primary territorial jurisdiction under the following circumstances:

  1. The officer is in fresh pursuit, as defined in RCW 10.93.120; or
  2. The officer is acting pursuant to mutual law enforcement assistance agreement between the primary commissioning agency and the agency with primary territorial jurisdiction.


Every academy must have an academy schedule filled out completely in order to be approved by CJTC.  Please remember that Firearms, DT, and EVOC must be taught by the approved instructor from your application.  Graduation ceremonies must be scheduled at least 7 business days after the final exam.  No new information can be taught once the final exam has been given. The reserve program is moving towards standardization between academies.  We suggest using the form below for assistance in creating a schedule.


  • Form 1270:  Agencies must submit applications to the Academy Commander of the host agency.  Only the Academy Commander will submit applications to our office.  Applications must be submitted at least 7 days prior to the start of an academy.
  • Form 1271:  This form must be completed by agencies looking to host a WSCJTC Sponsored Reserve Academy. The form is due at least 60 days prior to the planned start of the academy.
  • Form 1272:  This form must be completed by the Academy Commander to request certificates.  Must be turned in to our office at least 21 days prior to the end of the academy.
  • Form 1273: The termination form must be completed by the Academy Commander for any recruit that does not complete the academy. 
  • Form CJ-1903/1902: The agency sponsoring a recruit reserve must complete a Notice of Appointment and submit to the Academy Commander.  The Academy Commander must submit all Notice of Appointment forms to our office at least 21 days prior to the end of the academy. In the event of an withdrawal prior to completion of the reserve academy, a Notice of Separation must be submitted.  
    • Notices of Appointment and Separation can be found under Peace Officer Certification.