Control/Defensive Tactics and Use of Force Instructor Course

The course is the foundation for Control/Defensive Tactics (C/DT) and Use of Force (UOF) for Law Enforcement Officers. This course includes the basics of motor learning, practice structure, class structure, and skill instruction. This comprehensive and practical course will help each new instructor develop the skills and confidence to assist in all the essential C/DT and UOF classes taught at the Basic Law Enforcement Academy (BLEA) and in-service training incorporating current Job Task Analysis (JTA) findings and recommendations.

The training is designed to develop instructors to train newly employed recruit and incumbent officers in C/DT and UOF while creating a network of subject matter experts to support their agency and the region. This series begins with updates to the C/DT instructor course, followed by future updates to the advanced instructor courses that build on the foundation set forth.

Upon completing this course, the instructor will be certified by WSCJTC to disseminate the knowledge and skills provided to their agency and regional law enforcement partners. The certified Officer will be able to assist Lead and Regional instructors in delivering the Use of Force and Control/Defensive Tactics curriculum.

Next course available upon completion: LEAD UOF/CDT Instructor Course


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