LEAD UOF/Control Defensive Tactics Instructor Course

This is the follow up certification for 6240 Control/Defensive Tactics (C/DT) and Use of Force (UOF) for Law Enforcement Officers.  WSCJTC recognizes no students are proficient in all skills and knowledge in just one week of training.  To ensure skills and knowledge are proficient the 6241-LEAD Instructor Course is Mandatory if being a lead or regional instructor is your goal.  This 40-hour course includes a review for all the skill instruction, use of force, acute behavioral disorders and report writing.  Students will be given a closed skills test on all blocks of instruction as well as written test for the Use of Force Policy.  The week will conclude with “Teach-Backs” to ensure teaching proficiency. 

Next course available upon completion:  any advanced 3-day course.  All advanced 3-day courses must be completed to attend “Regional Instructor Course.”

Must have attended and completed 6240.
Rich Peterson (Control/ Defensive Tactics and Use of Force Program Manager)

(206) 786-8949

Who can attend our classes?

Law Enforcement (Certified Law Enforcement and Corrections)

Required Equipment

Duty Gear, Wrestling Shoes (Mat Shoes), Training Gear

Dress Code

Professional Comfortable Training Attire 


Washington State Attorney General Model Use of Force Policy