Corrections Officers Equivalency Academy

The Corrections Officers Equivalency process is 80 hours in length, and represents an alternative challenge to the regular Academy program.  It is available to previously employed corrections officers upon the request of the respective agency head.  The academy is classroom based, and will cover the following topics:

  • Combating manipulation
  • Professionalism
  • Corrections Crisis Intervention Training
  • Legal issues in jails
  • CO survival
  • Nobility

Upon successful completion of the academy, the Corrections Officers Equivalency certificate places the recipient in the same stead as if he/she had successfully completed the regular academy program. 

IMPORTANT:  The Basic Training Division has moved to online registration through the WSCJTC Acadis Portal by agency authorized personnel. For technical questions regarding the WSCJTC Acadis Portal please email For registration questions please email



The COEA is free for mandated agencies.

View our full cost share sheet for mandated and non mandated agencies here.

Haley Johns (Registrar)

(206) 255-0043

Who can attend our classes?

This academy is open to corrections officers who have previously completed a corrections basic academy and have been employed by a corrections agency.  All applicants must meet the requirements of that meet the requirements of WAC 139-10-215.

Dress Code

Attendees are expected to attend in their agency’s regular-issue patrol/duty uniform (including duty belt and weapon).


Upon hire, officers of mandated agencies submit applicants for equivalency in order to attend the first available session.  

  • Mandated agencies: City, County, State Universities, Dept. of Fish & Wildlife, and Railroad
  • Non-mandated agencies : Tribal Police, Gambling Commission, Liquor & Cannabis Board, WA State Parks & Recreation, Arson Investigators, DNR and Reserves.

Typically, the COEA is attended by:

  • Full time corrections officers who have completed a corrections basic training program in this or another state
  • Persons whose corrections officer employment has lapsed because of a break in service for more than twenty-four months but less than sixty months.



COEA classes are typically held 0700 to 1730 Monday through Thursday. 

The number of COEA classes held per year will vary each year depending on legislative decisions and funding.  The schedules below outline all classes approved for the specified fiscal year.  

Please note: These schedules are subject to change without notice.  Training Officers must read selection notices carefully to ensure they have the correct dates.


Agency's wishing to cancel an applicant must notify the registrar via phone or email.


IMPORTANT: The Basic Training Division has moved to online registration through the WSCJTC Acadis Portal by agency authorized personnel. For technical questions regarding the WSCJTC Acadis Portal please email For registration questions please email

To register an applicant for the Corrections Officers Equivalency Academy, the following attachments must be included: 

  • Copy of certificate from previous corrections program completed
  • Copy of curriculum from previous corrections program completed
  • CJ-1251 Statement of Fitness
  • CJ-1253 Student Liability Release

All forms are available for download below. Note: The below application document is for your reference only.

Effective May 1st, 2021:

Submitting an incomplete registration request through the Acadis Portal is allowed. However, the request will not be processed until it is completed- it will remain in the queue (Application List) until all prerequisites are attached. Doing this only guarantees a spot in the queue, incomplete requests will not secure a spot in any specific class. Complete registrations are processed into open seats daily on a first-come/first-served basis. Therefore, it is best to submit only complete registration requests, confirming all aspects of the prerequisites are completed, to secure a seat in a class.

Once a request has been submitted through the Acadis Portal, complete or incomplete, only CJTC may make changes to it. Therefore, any prerequisites needing to be attached must be submitted to


Training sessions

Session Session Title Selection Date Dates & Hours Location Status
34 COEA 1/2/2024 1/22/2024 - 2/1/2024 WSCJTC
19010 1st Avenue South
Burien, WA 98148