Crisis Intervention Team Training

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The WSCJTC provides training for criminal justice personnel responding to people in a mental health crisis.  Crisis Intervention Team Training (CIT), involves working in a team with mental health practitioners, law enforcement, medical personnel, and other first responders.  The focus is to provide the best services possible to the individual in a mental health crisis.

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WAC 139-09 – Crisis Intervention Training (CIT)

                              139-09-010          Definitions

                              139-09-020          Requirements of training for law enforcement personnel

                              139-09-030          Crisis intervention training – 8 HR course

                              139-09-040          Crisis intervention team training – 40 HR course

                              139-09-060          Exemption, waiver, extension or variance      

WAC 139-05-300 – Requirement for in-service training (1e)

Chapter  43.101 RCW  – Criminal Justice Training Commission – Education and Training Standards Boards


RCW 43.101.205 – Training on interaction with persons with substance use disorders.             

RCW 43.101.227 – Training for interaction with persons with a developmental disability or mental illness

RCW 43.101.425 – Communications to crisis referral services- Confidentiality of communications and records

RCW 43.101.427 – Crisis intervention training – Rules

RCW 43.101.452 – Mental health training



The WSCJTC has the following informational guides available:


“The Washington CIT programs follow model policies and guidelines brought from using the foundational Memphis CIT Model, Washington State guidelines, and best practice materials from CIT International (CITI). To access the CITI website visit


Overtime/ Backfill Reimbursement Rates 

Eligible Positions Hourly Rate
Law enforcement – patrol officers$64 / per hour *
Corrections Officers$54 / per hour *
Dispatch$45 / per hour *
Firefighter- Non-paramedic$58 / per hour (King County only)
Firefighter/EMS – Paramedic/EMT/EMS   $73/ per hour (King County only)


Subject to availability. Invoices are due with 14 days after session completion. 


Crisis Intervention Team Resources

There are many CIT resources available nationwide. This CIT Resource Page lists local, county, state, and national resources. This listing is for resource purposes only and is not endorsed or supported by the WSCJTC. 

Crisis Intervention Team Contacts

Bob Graham | CIT Statewide Program Manager |

Sylvia Feliciano | CIT King County-MIDD Program Manager |

Corina Curtis | CIT Statewide Coordinator |

Deputy Megan Ross | CIT King County Coordinator |

Jennifer Buyagawan | CIT Administrative Assistant |

General Questions |


Course Name Course Number Description Cost

A two hour online crisis intervention course. Each year, a new crisis or de-escalation topic will be released.

8076 Crisis Intervention Team-Youth Mental Health, is an 8-hour class designed to educated police officers on current crisis trends juveniles are experiencing, the resources King County has available for juveniles and their families, as well as best practices for de-escalation and interactions with juveniles in crisis. This course will use the new youth-focused curriculum and add valuable tools to the CIT trained personnel at your department. CIT was developed by law enforcement for law enforcement.



The CIT 40-hour class educates King County law enforcement officers on how to effectively respond to individuals in a behavioral health crisis.


The CIT 40-hour class educates law enforcement officers within their region on how to effectively respond to individuals in a behavioral health crisis. 


This 8-hour course will inform, educate and/or reiterate the best practices when interacting with detainees having a crisis while in custody.


An 8-hour class to educate fire/EMS personnel on issues related to Crisis Intervention. The course provides updated materials, skills, and scenarios when responding to individuals in a behavioral health crisis.

8071 This is an 8-hour class to educate law enforcement officers on issues related to Crisis Intervention. This course will provide updated materials, skills, and public relations in regards to dealing with mentally ill individuals while on duty. Free
5509 This is an 8-hour class to educate law enforcement officers related to Crisis Intervention. This course will provide up to date materials, skills, and public relations information on dealing with mentally ill individuals. Free

This is an 8-hour class to educate law enforcement officers on issues related to Crisis Intervention. The course is designed to provide training to law enforcement professionals to use appropriate force options when dealing with someone in behavioral health crisis. This class will combine hands-on physical force options training and classroom lecture.