The following leadership courses are available to those interested in leadership roles, and those that have been promoted into First Level and Middle Manager roles.  Review the prerequisites for each class to make sure you qualify and are eligible to take the course. 

Career Level Certification (CLC) is required for all law enforcement and corrections personnel hired, transferred to or promoted to a supervisory or management position as outlined in RCW 43.101.350.  Of the three levels of CLC, only First Level Supervisor and Middle Management are mandated. To view more info about certification, visit our Career Level Certification page.



Course Name Course Number Description Cost
4250 21st Century Police Leadership (21 CPL)  is an intensive course designed to foster, train and empower law enforcement supervisors and managers at all levels within their organizations.   FREE FOR MANDATED PERSONNEL.  $300 FOR NON-MANDATED.
4127 The revised 40 hour offering will focus on adult critical thinking and development of higher levels of problem solving.   The new-found knowledge, skills and abilities will then be applied to resolving real world supervisory situations.

Free for mandated personnel.  $300 for non-mandated.


This 40 hour pre-supervisors course is designed to acquaint the prospective supervisor with an awareness of the demands and functions of the world of supervision.  Participants will develop an awareness of creating agency cutlure that promotes and enhances teamwork, challenges and opportunities of supervisors, their 'Emotional Intelligence', and a variety of other topics.