Body-Worn Camera Video: Your Agency’s Greatest De-Escalation Asset

This course is hosted by St. Petersburg College: Center for Public Safety Innovation.

As the use of body-worn cameras (BWCs) continues to expand, police agencies now  face  the  enormous  challenge  of  analyzing  the  vast  amount  of  data  that  BWCs  record.   Recent innovations funded by the Department of Justice as well as private sector companies are transforming the potential  to  turn  BWC  video  into  a  powerful  asset  to  improve  operations,  training,  and  performance management. This webinar focuses on projects in Dallas, St. Petersburg (FL), Kinston (NC), and other police agencies that are teaming with Polis to analyze body-worn camera (BWC) videos and help identify best practices in de-escalation, trust-building, and other elements of safe and effective policing.

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