Critical Incident Leadership

This course is hosted by various departments (see attached postings). 

This Track IV course develops and improves a student’s critical decision-making skills. In other words, this course teaches students how to think in chaos, developing students’ abilities to apply specific proven principles, many of which were outlined by legendary SWAT commander Sid Heal in his books Sound Doctrine and Field Command. Students apply the principles learned to actual critical incident scenarios through realistic decision-making exercises, and are provided a framework to manage any critical incident prior to the arrival of SWAT or additional resources. Students learn the skills and principles to effectively navigate the types of incidents they may encounter in their careers. Law enforcement's role in mitigating the risks to the public and officers, as well as appropriate confrontation of suspects and subjects, will be explored. The principles taught in the course are consistent with widely accepted national best practices for de-escalation and management of critical incidents.

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